Global Başarı Öyküleri OpenText MBPM Fiat Projesi

OpenText MBPM


Fiat engaged DocFlow, one of OpenText Business Process Solutions’ (BPS) partners in Italy to create a solution that would resolve the invoice verification problem and could easily integrate with the Fiat’s existing IT infrastructure. Additionally, if recipients are on vacation or unavailable, the system had to be able to pass the necessary information up the hierarchy so that invoices with problems received the required attention. The solution also needed to be versatile enough to work across all offices regardless of linguistic barriers. Within the facilities operations Group, the large number of unconnected accountants, and seven different trade groups of engineers, electricians and carpenters mandated integration. The company had in place software such as Oracle databases and SAP, so any solution had to be compatible with these. DocFlow used OpenText’s Business Process Management(BPM) software to build a solution where users could initiate and complete tasks ranging from creating and filling out forms, getting approval, and routing associated questions, actions, documents and decisions to the correct people via a Web browser interface.


OpenText MBPM (formerly Metastorm BPM) now gives Fiat the ability to track the source of incorrect invoices and to address the inaccuracy instantaneously via automated steps. Time spent on tracking invoices has decreased significantly, and internal resources have since been redeployed to more business-critical activities. More importantly, OpenText’s tight integration with the HummingBird document management system means the entire invoicing process has been streamlined.


No longer relying purely on human resources to monitor and manage its invoices, Fiat can process a greater number of invoices with 20 percent fewer staff, leading to an overall savings of $2.5 million. By 2003, Fiat plans to leverage OpenText MBPM to automate other business processes in the organization and further extend these processes to its suppliers.

  • Improved quality by eliminating fraudulent invoices
  • $3 million savings in one year
  • Enabled the ability to process a great number of invoices with fewer staff
  • Expect 12X ROI over 3 years