Gaston Memorial Hospital

Global Başarı Öyküleri OpenText MBPM Gaston Memorial Hospital Projesi

OpenText MBPM


Gaston Memorial Hospital needed a way to improve the efficiency of important administrative functions within the hospital. Its manual processes were time consuming, required vast amounts of paper and relied on interoffice “snail mail.” This method was unreliable and lacked a means for tracking employee responsibility and accountability. The hospital often faced problems of lost paperwork, lost time, no reporting mechanism, and no visibility into the status or history of a process.


Gaston Memorial Hospital turned to OpenText MBPM (formerly Metastorm BPM) to facilitate its transition to an automated organization. The goal was to resolve the out-ofcontrol paperwork problem and interoffice mail routing procedure by placing the hospital’s processes under the control of OpenText MBPM. After a competitive review, OpenText met the hospital’s key requirements which included the ability to integrate with its existing Novell GroupWise electronic mail application, the ability to provide Web-based accessibility for its users, and the functionality to empower the hospital to easily and quickly automate endless applications – thus allowing them to be more efficient, have greater control and increase accountability.


The process automation, management and control capabilities that OpenText MBPM provides have improved overall process and data accuracy and increased employee satisfaction by empowering users with access to information to ensure that work-in-process is accounted for and no longer lost or delayed. All processes are tracked and documented and the hospital now has visibility into historical data for reporting, analysis, and organizational improvement.

  • Increased efficiency and greater control
  • Significantly reduced errors resulting from manual routing issues
  • Improved access to forms by hospital employees
  • Visibility into historical data for reporting, analysis, and organizational improvement