London Underground

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OpenText MBPM


London Underground recognized it needed a way to improve its procedures to track and respond to all incidents more effectively, in order to maximize safety and minimize service interruptions for its passengers. From a financial perspective, it also needed a solution that would allow timely assessments of incident-related costs, in order to keep overall cost to a minimum.


London Underground decided to use OpenText Metastorm BPM (MBPM) to improve its Incident Reporting process, known internally as EIRF. Using EIRF, more than 3,000 users across LUL can submit incidents electronically. London Underground’s employees enter incident details in an electronic form and depending on the type of incident – age, status and priority – it is either tracked for reporting purposes or escalated for action. OpenText MBPM manages the different types of reports and routes them accordingly.

OpenText MBPM has also been deployed to automate a process known as “minor works.” London Underground’s minor works process tracks and manages work requests and approvals for infrastructure upgrades on trains. Automating this process using OpenText MBPM enables the organization to better compare price proposals and completion times. Overall, the automation helps to ensure suppliers are meeting contractual obligations set forth.


The OpenText MBPM system has helped London Underground to increase the efficiency and productivity of its Information Management department. As a result, LUL is able to process over 400 incidents per day. The new automated process enables the organization to focus on improving service performance by maximizing safety and minimizing service interruptions.

  • Enforces collection of all information needed
  • Reduces errors in filling out forms manually
  • Increased employee productivity and efficiency
  • Improved service performance
  • Lowered risk
  • Maximizing safety and minimizing service interruptions