Royal Philips Electronics

Royal Philips Electronics

Casewise Corporate Modeler

Supporting the full scope of Philips’ Enterprise Architecture from Business Strategy to IT Infrastructure.

Philips objectives are to:

  • Support the creation and management of a single Enterprise Architecture view of Philip
  • Introduce consistency to the process and format of architecture deliverable
  • Support a common vocabulary and embed methodologies in architecture activities
  • Enable collaboration in the architecture process between organization

In order to achieve this, Philips needed a tool to:

  • Develop different architecture domains while collaborating within a single consistent enterprise view
  • The potential to drill down to further levels of detail
  • Reuse existing content in new architecture project
  • Rapidly develop new view
  • ‘Close the loop’ between business strategy and IT implementation


In the realization of Philips’ ambition to become a truly market-oriented organization we will see a further consolidation of non-discriminating business services and restructuring of the company though acquisitions and divestments. In addition, the served markets will drive the implementation of new business behaviour faster than ever before. These dynamics in the Philips business models will require the support of equally agile IT solutions requiring, more than ever, the collaboration of IT organizations used to operate within their own domains.


The Corporate Modeler Suite is used with a dedicated Philips Meta model supporting the full scope of Enterprise Architecture from Business Strategy to IT Infrastructure. Corporate Publisher is used to make Enterprise Architecture results available to business and IT communities on Philips Intranet. Casewise tools are used via Citrix and it is our intention to train all architects within Philips (40 of which have been trained so far).


  • Business process modeling within Medical Systems Global Customer Services domain to harmonize related business processes within the different business units (in progress)
  • Philips Application Registry to document and maintain overall Philips application landscape including compliance monitoring (in progress)
  • Reference architecture for Common Layer Information Architecture between Product Divisions Business Warehouses and new Corporate Consolidation system