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OpenText MBPM


RTÉ needed a system to support its commissioning activities from initial call for program ideas through to evaluation of program proposals. The organization had a very intense period of activity at the start of September 2006 where up to 1400 paper submissions were received, recorded, distributed and acknowledged and RTÉ knew that with its existing manual commissioning process it could not efficiently handle this level of volume growth and process complexity.


Using OpenText MBPM (formerly Metastorm BPM) RTÉ has put in place an eCommissioning solution that facilitates the electronic submission of program ideas from the independent television production sector. The system enables the online evaluation of those submissions according to the detailed evaluation criteria and guidelines RTÉ already had in place.

The components of the solution include an external website that producers now use to register and upload submissions securely; including attaching related documentation and then tracking the receipt and status of their proposals online. The OpenText MBPMbased solution also facilitates an external audit that verifies the integrity and accuracy of the submission and enables the ability to store submitted documentation and distribute to readers for evaluation (with evaluation decisions also stored).


Since implementing OpenText MBPM, RTÉ is realizing significant business benefits from the solution and now has a highly automated means to manage its processes. The introduction of its eCommissioning system has proved very successful, and the organization reports it has received a very positive response from its producer community and from its own editorial staff.

  • Improved turnaround on proposal assessments
  • Ability to handle larger volume of proposals with the same staff
  • Greater visibility into proposal information
  • Streamlined a process that involved many people, reducing the reliance on manual tasks and freeing up more time for highvalue creative efforts
  • Created a self-service website to enable external producers to submit and track program proposals completely online