Casewise Corporate Modeler

Casewise enabled Schering-Plough to globally share process information from one single source


To harmonize Schering-Plough Business Processes & Procedures in its global organization. It also needed to clearly document processes, improve process timelines, provide clear roles & responsibilities to support flexibility in delivery of clinical trial supplies.


Business Process Management principles are being successfully utilized to facilitate widespread change and simplification of the global processes. Corporate Modeler, Automodeler, and Corporate Publisher are being used by the Process Engineers involved with Business Process Management & re-engineering Efforts.

Corporate Modeler is playing a critical role in the development & documentation of asis processes along with the to-be processes, roles & responsibilities, and key process information.

Automodeler & Corporate Publisher are providing key communication vehicles which underpin the Business Process Management activities.


  • Enforced harmonization of terminology and process repository
  • Unambiguous definition of roles & responsibilitie
  • One-stop shopping for process information
  • Ability to globally share process information from a single source.