Total Trading & Shipping – IT Division

Total Trading & Shipping - IT Division

Casewise Corporate Modeler

Utilizing Corporate Modeler to assist with internal operational processes and to helping to facilitate navigation of its existing repository.


The main challenge faced by Total was to evolve and enhance their existing repository. By implementing Corporate Modeler, the full support of all those working within the IT division was gained.


Having implemented the Corporate Modeler Suite, Total has been able to utilize many of the products modules by:

  • Efficiently manage all objects within the repository using Model Explorer
  • Group all modified objects with AutoModeler
  • Produce a graphical representation of all the required diagram
  • Establish responsibilities for each process with Matrix Manager
  • Generate an html version of the repository, which is integrated to Total’s Intranet by utilizing Corporate Publisher


As a result, by implementing Corporate Modeler, the repository has been clearly improved in terms of readability (graphics), ease of use and coherence as information is now managed from a single point within the database.